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PIMS - GDPR : ISO 27701:2019 Lead Auditor Course

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  • Training Type: eLearning
  • Language : English
  • Location: Offline
  • Fees: ₹29500.00 (Including GST)
  • Payment Type: Direct Payment
  • Accreditation : CPG GLOBAL under licnese from Exemplar Global

Overview :

GDPR-PIMS ISO 27701:2019 Lead Auditor Virtual Online training course will enable you to conduct effective audits in any auditing situation. It provides you with the skills to plan, conduct, lead and report audits for first party (within your own organisation), second party (suppliers) and with third party organisations. It will provide you with the knowledge to understand and evaluate . It also assists you in understanding the interpersonal and communication skills required for Auditors and Audits team leaders. The course involves a high level of participant involvement through discussions, role plays and case studies that are used to reinforce the concepts and to provide practice in applying them.The Training Courses are certified by Exemplar Global , USA

Details :
Learning Objectives – an extract
Understand the intent and the requirements of each Article / chapter of the GDPR.
• Understand how Personal Data Protection Management planning, principles, rights of the data subject, policies, procedures, objectives and processes are implemented Understand the documentation/evidence required by the GDPR/PIMS
• Understand the responsibility and consequences of non-compliance with the requirements to GDPR.
• Understand the Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) as an important tool to fulfill the requirements of the GDPR.
• Understand the concept of preventive data protection – “Data protection by Design and by Default”.
• Understanding requirements for non-EU entities and third country data transfers and binding corporate rules.
• Verify specific categories of personal data and establish a legal basis for their processing activities.
• Plan and conduct an audit. Determine conformities and non conformities

Who Should Attend this course :
Who Should Attend
Internal Auditors for ISMS and PIMS
CISO/Chief Legal Officer/ Chief People Officer/Chief Information Officer / ISO Consultants
Professionals who need an auditor qualification for either GDPR or PIMS or both.
A fundamental understanding of information security and privacy, and a basic knowledge of audit process.

Payment Instructions to participants :

For more details, please email / WhatsApp M +91 8129314119