Experienced and Senior CISO’s are expensive as fulltime resources. Law gives provision for contract engagement for CISO rather than a full time employee.

ISAAA has excellent trained & certified resources as ‘Chief Information Security Officers’, taking on the responsibility while keeping you in control.

Inform, advise, and issue recommendations to management regarding compliance with Controls, Digital Privacy Data Protection laws including GDPR, and Company policies and procedures with respect to data protection & information security.

Serve in a leadership role and provide advice and guidance as a Infosec Consultant to Management.

Represent the organization in dealing with external audits, Data Protection Commission Officers, including complaints and data breach notifications.

Organization which process data of living individuals within territory of India or foreign companies doing business in India are mandated to adhere to the Personal Data Protection regulations. This involves a host of controls to be implemented within the organization.

ISAAA trained Professionals are experienced in Implementing Personal Data Protection measures which includes but not limited to

  • Data discovery
  • Data Classification
  • Impact Assessments
  • Implement Controls to endure protection from loss, leakage
  • Privacy Policy and a host of other Policies and Procedures
  • Internal & External Audits
  • Certification Services


ISAAA Certified Professionals Design and Implement Business Continuity Plans for Organizations based on ISO 22301. They ensure business operations continue smoothly in the event of any disruption to business like natural calamities, fire, virus, pandemic or even unavailability of office business premises or even non-availability of key personnel.

ISAAA provided Virtual / Classroom trainings on ISO 27001:2022 , ISO 20000-1:2018, ISO 22301:2019,  ISO 9001:2015,  ISO 45001: 2018,  ISO 14001: 2015, will enable you to conduct effective audits in any auditing situation. It provides you with the skills to plan, conduct, lead, and report audits for first party (within your own organization), second party (suppliers) and with third party organization. It will provide you  with the knowledge to understand and evaluate above standards.

Training Course Overview: The training, in addition to understanding the ISO Standards and conducting effective audits, it will assist you in understanding the interpersonal and communication skills required for Auditors and Audit team leaders. The course involves a high level of participant involvement through discussions, role plays and case studies that are used to reinforce the concepts and to provide practice in applying them. 

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