The AISP training is based around security of Organizational Information Assets with focus its Security. This training provides the participant with the opportunity to develop the expertise needed to support an organization and provide Leadership in implementing and managing Information Security.

On successful completion of the training, which is based on continuous evaluation, the participant shall be issued with “ISAAA® Associate Information Security Professional” certificate + Lead Implementrer Certification Partner Global (CPG Global).

The key feature of our program is the opportunity for all delegates to get trained as an “Apprentice Information Security Professional”. This is an opportunity to practice implementing, auditing and implementing clients on Information Security.

The key highlight of our program is our internship support. During this period, you would be assigned Projects as a Virtual Consultant. This will be an unpaid internship. This is an excellent opportunity to work closely with Practicing Consultants to sharpen their skills under expert mentorship.

Course is split into 3 modules spanning total of 160 hours. We have a hybrid model of contact sessions + video conferences + Onsite work. Total 160 Hours needed to meet our professional competence requirements for Associate status.

Part I covers the full framework and required knowledge for Information Security Management.

Part II focuses on the hands-on practical side of implementation. Part II imparts the necessary hands-on experience in performing risk assessment, implementing Information Security controls & applying necessary controls by every participant, based on case studies. The participants get opportunity to experience life-like project implementation.

  • Acquiring expertise to support an organization in implementing, managing, and maintaining Information Security standards.
  • Developing personal skills and knowledge required to advise organizations on best practices in management of information security.
  • Improving the capacity for analysis and decision making in a context of information security management.
  • Developing the confidence to work as an Information Security Officer at any Organization, of any size.
  • Be a subject matter expert when it comes to ISO 27001:2022 international standards.

Competencies Acquired by Participating In The Training:

  • Mastering the concepts, approaches, standards, methods and techniques of managing management Systems (ISO) within organizations.
  • Implementing Information Security Management Systems based on ISO 27001:2022 Standards.
  • Drafting policies, procedures, and procedures and implementing those across the organization.
  • Performing IT Risk Assessments
  • Be a champion in managing a full life cycle of implementation of Information Security based on International Standards.
  • Assessing any Organisation against International best practices and checking for compliance in an authoritative manner.
  • 3rd of Final Year Engineering Students (All streams)
  • Final MBA Students (All Streams)
  • Any Graduate Postgraduate in any discipline with a keenness and enthusiasm to enter Information Security Profession and with 1 year experience in management / IT.
  • IT Graduates wanting a career in Management of Information Security & Data Protection
  • Network / Cyber Security Personnel who are keen to move to management side of information security.
  • Security Analysts & SOC Operators who are keen to move to be Information Security Officer.
  • IT Project Managers wanting to master IT Risk Management.
  • Software Professionals who are keen to move to new career.
  • IT Security Auditors who want to master the implementation techniques so that they are good at Audits.
  • Persons responsible for the Information Security or Compliance in an organization and who wants to know the full picture.
  • Expert advisors in information technology
  • Technical experts wanting to prepare for an CISO career
  • QMS Professionals who wants to master information security
  • Information Security Certification from CPG Global (A leading Certification Body, Australian Owned and Head Quartered in UAE with offices worldwide)
  • Internship
  • ISAAA® Associate Professional Certificate
  • Risk Assessment Skills
  • Security Controls Implementation Skills.
  • Gap Assessment & Reporting Skills.
  • Continued advisory support for 12 months

(4 to 12 Weeks, based on hours spend per day)