Businesses worldwide recognizes the importance of Information Systems as well as compliance and statutory requirements. However, they face numerous challenges in handling their Information Systems. CEOs & Stake Holders of enterprises have genuine concerns about the security of their IT Systems and underlying data.

ISAAA® was founded in 2014 by top-notch Information Security & IT Audit Professionals with the objective to assist enterprises effectively manage and secure their information systems, IT resources, and critical data.

We provide your business with high-quality assurance services to manage IT risks, ensure compliance, and strengthen your IT controls and internal processes. We take your business to the ‘next level’ of security maturity.

Organizations depend largely on Systems and data to run their enterprise. When it comes to the dependence on IT Systems and the underlying business information it holds, there is a need to ensure the following :

Your sensitive data or high-value data like your customer database or your pricing strategies or even your future plans, if it gets into the hands of your competitor, there is a great possibility that it will affect your business growth and your competitive edge and your profitability. Data is the new gold in the digital economy. You need to protect your DATA ASSETS. By implementing Information Security Management Systems based on ISO 27001, you are implementing controls to maintain confidentiality of your sensitive and critical data.

Maintaining correct data is of utmost importance to your organization’s profitability and existence. There could be

instances where your critical financial or inventory data gets deliberately altered leading to financial loss,  reputation loss, legal suits etc. ISAAA® puts in place multiple controls to ensure the integrity of your critical data.

However good the controls and measures you claim you have, your customer confidence increases manyfold when they see you have been audited and certified against ISO 27001 Standards by external Certification Body. ISO 27001 Certification and annual surveillance audits ensures that the implemented Information Security Management Systems are operational and a constantly improving system.


  • Information Security Advisory
  • Internal Audit
  • Information Security Training
  • Corporate Training on various ISO Standards like ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 14000…
  • Privacy / Personal Data Protection Advisory
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Compliance Audits based on ISO 27001, PCI DSS, IT ACT, GDPR, Privacy Protection, etc.
  • CISO / Data Protection Officer Services
  • CEO Advisory on IT Strategies and Digital Transformation



Gap Assessment & IT Risk Assessments

Implement & get the Organization certified on Information Security Management System (ISMS) based on ISO 27001:2013

End-to-end Implementation & certification consulting on Privacy Information Management Systems based on ISO 27701:2019

Define and develop IT security policies & procedures in order to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, availability of the organization’s valuable information assets


Design and implemented Business Continuity Plans for Organizations

Ensure business operations continue smoothly in the event of any disruption to business like natural calamities, fire, virus, or even unavailability of office business premises or even non-availability of key personnel.


Organization which process data of living individuals within territory of India or foreign companies doing business in India are mandated to adhere to the Personal Data Protection regulations. This involves a host of controls to be implemented within the organization.

ISAAA  Consultants are trained and experienced in Implementing Personal Data Protection measures which includes but not limited to

  • Data discovery
  • Data Classification
  • Impact Assessments
  • Implement Controls to endure protection from loss, leakage
  • Privacy Policy and a host of other Policies and Procedure
  • Internal & External Audits
  • Certification Services


      Full time Information Security Officers are expensive. We provided businesses with ‘Chief Information Security / Data Protection Officer’ services, taking on the responsibility while keeping you in control.

      Inform, advise, and issue recommendations to
      management regarding compliance with Privacy Data Protection laws including GDPR, and Company policies and guidelines with respect to data protection & information security.

      • Inform, advise, and issue recommendations to management regarding compliance with Privacy Data Protection laws including GDPR, and Company policies and guidelines with respect to data protection & information security.
      • Impact assessment across business processes, human capital, regulatory, security, etc. and advisory on design / implement solutions around compliance.
      • Identification of business processes and systems that relate to personal data and are deemed in-scope for GDPR/PDP.
      • Serve in a leadership r ole and provide advice and guidance as a privacy consultant to management.
      • Represent the organization in dealing with Data Protection Commission Officers, including customer complaints and data breach notifications.


      Our primary objective is to provide competent Information Security Assurance & Advisory  Professionals to organizations worldwide. 

      Our Vision is to become a world class Professional Resource & Training Center for Privacy Data & Information Security Advisory, Assurance & Audit Professionals. 

      Our mission is to protect organization from data breaches and protection of their digital assets by empowering businesses with the cutting-edge skills and experiences of Security Audit & Assurance Professionals, catering to all facets of Technology & Cyber Security.